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I am a Food and Lifestyle Photographer

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It has been several years now, that I have been specializing in the world of food, restaurants, restaurateurs, and their spaces. I have a thing for details. Unique bits. Real food. Portraits. And the people who put all of those things together in one place.

As an experimental home cook myself, with lots of amaaaazing home cook friends (and professional ones, too), I am surrounded. And that is my happy place. I get caught up in the preparation of a salad, and I let it go slightly wilty just because I’ve taken the time to photograph it in the perfect window light. I will spot a selection of liquor bottles on the counter, mid-cocktail-make and love the way the Aperol shines onto the fresh lemons. I will see a friend in a giant ocean-side window, simply showing me the new drapes, and have to stare for awhile.

I know – my friends and family may have started out annoyed. But, I hope they are happy with being forever stamped on the Internet, on my blog and my Instagram. (and if they’re not, it’s too late!)

It has taken me years to learn to say no. To accept only assignments that are desirable, and that are a fit for me. But it’s the right thing. I am a food and lifestyle photographer. Come and say hello to my new website.

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